India Pavilion Media Release December 2020

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India Pavilion Media Release December 2020

Farming and agriculture are at the heart of our Westman community. Similarly, in India, farmers, agriculture, and their connected industries make up a large portion of the economy. Recent challenging issues in India surrounding agriculture legislation have created civil unrest that connects directly with many of our Indo-Canadian Westman population. As the India Pavilion, part of the Westman Multicultural Festival, we support the Indian farmers’ democratic right to peaceful protest and hope for prompt de-escalation and meaningful dialogue between all parties involved.

For more information about current efforts to assist Westman community members who have connections to these issues please contact

India Pavilion Association Founding Board Member

Pal Brar at (204) 573-0001.

The Westman India community looks forward to renewing its many friendships when the Westman Multicultural Festival is again held in 2022.

The India Pavilion Association is composed of the following Westman citizens.

Gautam Srivastava
State of India,
Odisha, UP
Founding Board Member
Pal Brar Punjab Founding Board Member
Narinder Brar Punjab Founding Board Member
Arpan Patel Gujarat Director
Faiz Ahmad Uttar Pradesh Director
Gurpreet Kaur Punjab Director
Immaculate Nabisere Community Representative
Janki Patel Gujarat Director
Prinkle Jasoliya Gujarat Director
Rhoni Mohanraj Tamil Nadu Director
Sujit Maiti Bengal Director
Vandana Jamadagni Karnataka Director
Mustapha Parambu Kerala Director

India Pavilion Media Release 2020

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